Sarah J. Berthold 
N3412 Hwy KW 
Watertown, Wisconsin 53098 

THIS AGREEMENT, Made and entered into on this _____________day of __________, 20___ by and between 

Sarah Berthold hereinafter referred to as Seller and ___________________________ hereinafter referred to as Buyer, Witnesses: print 

1. That the seller will sell a puppy (hereafter referred to as puppy, regardless of age) on the following terms, and with the following qualifications: 
Breed_________________ Sire _________________AKC _______________ Dam____________________ AKC ___________________ 
Date of Birth ____________ Sex_________________ Color____________________ 
Date of Sale______________________ Date of delivery ___________________. 

2. The seller covenants and agrees that the Buyer may have subject puppy examined by a qualified licensed vet of the Buyer’s choosing, within ten (10) days of the date of delivery and if it is found to have an infectious or contagious disease (excluding worms and parasites), evidenced by the vet’s signed certificate indicating the puppy’s disease buyer may return the subject puppy to the seller for a full refund of purchase price. Seller reserves the right to request confirmation of said diagnosis by another vet of the sellers choosing. 

3. TWO YEAR HEREDITARY AND CONGENITAL DEFECT GUARANTEE The seller guarantees that the puppy will be free from life-threatening or permanently debilitating hereditary and congenital disorders for a period of two years from the birth of the puppy. This does not cover health problems not hereditary or congenital in nature. It does not cover under bites. Buyer agrees to immediately notify seller and provide seller with a certified veterinarian report. Seller reserves the right to obtain a second opinion. Purchase price will be refunded in 90 days.  In no case will this guarantee refund exceed the purchase price of the puppy.

4. Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian expenses incurred.  

5. Puppy (before delivery) will have been seen twice by a licensed veterinarian. He will be seen by seller’s veterinarian at approximately 3 days of age and again at approximately 6 weeks of age. He will have had his dew claws removed, tail docked, any vaccinations necessary. Buyer will be provided with a complete list of all treatments of the puppy. Puppy will have been wormed if necessary. 

6. Except as stated above, the seller does not warrant (expressly or implied) or guarantee the fitness of the puppy and buyer purchases said puppy as is. 

7. The buyer covenants and agrees to the following: 

A. To purchase the cockapoo puppy for $______________. That the full 
amount minus any deposits made will be paid at the time of delivery. (deposits are non-refundable providing the puppy is in good health at the time of transfer) 

B. To provide on- going veterinarian care for the puppy. 

C. That the puppy will never be surrendered to a humane society or animal shelter. That it will be returned to 
Seller at Buyer’s expense and no monies will be refunded. 
8. It is expressly understood and agreed by both the Seller and the Buyer that this agreement contains the entire agreement of both parties hereto and that not any oral or written agreement shall be binding or obligation upon the parties hereto. 

DATED THIS_____day of ___________, 20____. 

Buyer ____________________________ 



City, state, zip_______________________ 

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