There is an old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"  The traits and personalities of the parents will almost certainly show in the puppies.   All of our parents have been carefully chosen for disposition first.  They have good health, are not aggressive, shy or timid.  They are well socialized, "kid" tested and grandmother approved.

All of our moms are AKC registered cocker spaniels, our dads are AKC registered miniature poodles.  They are also registered with the American Cockapoo Club. 

If you want more information about the wonderful cockapoo please contact me or visit the American Cockapoo Club or North American Cockapoo Registry.  Both sites have a lot of good information.  American Cockapoo Club

We have been so fortunate to have two wonderful poodles for dads.
Both Harley and Arthur are wonderful.  They both have calm, loving dispositions and great health.  They are just the best boys.


Arthur is retired and living here with us.  Thank you Arthur for all the wonderful puppies you have fathered.  We love you.
Harley  gives us our beautiful chocolate puppies. Picture of puppy is one of his.
People often question me about our moms and want to know which I would recommend for disposition, etc.
It's probably the most difficult question you could ask me because in my opinion they are all great!  I think people tend to think something along the line of "what else could she say" or that I'm being evasive but I'm not.  There isn't one of our dogs I wouldn't trust with my grandchildren, in fact I do on a regular basis.

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Sir Isaac has fathered some beautiful creams and light buffs this summer.  The puppy pictured is one of his from the summer of 2013
Harley pup
Reggie is the newest addition to our family.  He is a handsome deep red in color.  Reggie will have his first pups spring and summer of 2014.  Everyone loves his laughable, lovable clown personality.
Daisey Mae is our red and white cocker.  Has some beautiful black and red puppies.
Reba is a beautiful dark buff cocker spaniel. Very sweet girl.