? ? ?   QUESTIONAIRE   ???

Surprise I don't have one.  No questions to answer.  Not because I don't  care about where my puppies go but because I see no purpose in them.  I've seen many of them and let's be honest we all know the "right" answers.  I don't believe that anyone buys a puppy expecting it to be anything but a wonderful experience for both them and the puppy.  I think the problems arise when we don't spend enough time  thinking about the responsibilities of dog ownership or how a dog will fit into our lives.  Or when we buy a puppy on a whim, one of the big problems with pet shop purchases.  Only you and your family can decide if you are ready for a puppy, for the commitment to another living thing.  This is like a marriage in some ways, "In good times and bad, in sickness and health".

The only purpose I see in questionnaires is that they will make you think about some of the problems that may arise with a puppy that maybe you haven't thought about. With that in mind I've decided that I'll just list some of these for your consideration.

Expense, the cost of your puppy will be the least expensive part of dog ownership.  There will be continuing costs for vet expenses, food, equipment, etc. Do you travel a lot? If you do there will be the added expense of taking the dog along or providing care for them.  During the first year the cost of spaying/neutering, heart worm preventive, flea and tick preventive, vaccinations food and equipment could easily be more than the cost of the puppy.

Time, do you really have the time needed to care for and train a dog.  If you  have young children, under 5, will you really have time for a puppy.  If everyone is at work or school all day can you or do you have someone who can spend some time with the puppy during the day.  Many rely on neighbors or family members but make those arrangements before you get a puppy.  I think time is what most people underestimate most often.  Many of our lives today are just too hectic.  Children today are often busier than the adults.  

Moms, especially, don't get a puppy for the kids if you don't want one too.  I know that they have crossed their hearts and promised that they will take care of the puppy.  That they will feed it and walk it and you'll hardly even know it's in the house.  Well, this may be true but more than likely, well we know who's really going to be taking care of the puppy.  Children can help and it can be a great learning experience for them but don't expect them to be the primary care giver.  I've had a few woman tell me that they at times go into a type of "postpartum depression" where they wonder what in the heck they were thinking about bringing an "animal" into the house.  This passes but you have to know that there could be days when you question your decision, don't give up to soon.  

I know that we parents want to give our children every wonderful experience that we possibly can but, trust me on this one, you're children will not be scared for life if they don't grow up with a puppy in the house.  Life is not a Norman Rockwell painting and real puppies are real work.  I can't emphasize enough that everyone should be "on the same page" about getting a puppy.  While your children may think not having a dog is  heart breaking what could be more heart breaking than having to give one up.

Dogs and puppies do well and thrive in all kinds of homes and situations the real necessary ingredients are the desire to have a dog, the love needed, the time and the willingness to work through all of the problems that could arise.   For most families a new puppy is a wonderful and happy experience and it's what we hope for you and your family. 

We want our puppies to go to loving pet homes.  We hope that everything goes well for the puppy and his humans but we realize that even the best laid plans can go awry because of that we do have a "welcome home" policy.   We will gladly take back any dog born here and see that he is either placed in a good  home or stays here with us. 


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