The cockapoo is a hybrid.  They have been bred for a long time, and the characteristics of the resulting  puppies are well established.  A true cockapoo must be traceable back to a purebred cocker and poodle.  If it can't be it isn't a cockapoo.  We use purebred Cocker Spaniels and Poodles in our breeding program.  We only produce lst generation or F1 cockapoos.  We feel that it is in this generation that the qualities most desirable in the cockapoo are most evident.

They are, on average, medium in size, 18 to 22 pounds, they have low to no shed hair coats that have some wave or curl to them.  They come in just about every color.  I've posted some pictures below of some of the different colors. The cockapoo is considered to be one of the hypoallergenic breeds.  We have sold many to people with allergies and all have done fine.  

They make great family dogs, sturdy enough for children, but small enough to fit into today's lifestyles.  They are very adaptable.  They fit well into apartments or on the farm.     We have dogs living in apartments and going for walks and dogs who jog 5 miles a day with their humans. We have dogs that have been trained for agility courses and dogs that have been trained as companions for nursing home patients.  They adore the humans in their lives and will adapt well to your lifestyle, be it playing a game of catch or watching a movie.  They are intelligent, eager to please and have sweet dispositions.

The cocker and poodle are both fine dogs, but the puppies they produce together are almost magic and they have cornered the market when it comes to cuteness!  For more information on this wonderful dog please visit the North American Cockapoo Registry or the American Cockapoo Club.  

             Black                                       Phantom                          Red                        Sable

              Buff/Cream                            Apricot                                
                                                                                                      Molly & Buff puppies


            ApricotBlack                                     Merle                                                                                                                    
Rocco Bakken, a phantom cockapoo
Cleo Luterbach a red cockapoo
Rosie & Alex Arenson. Rosie is an adult sable after a hair cut.
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