If you would like to talk to people who have bought puppies from us
recently or in past please contact me sberthold@tds.net or give us a call. I’ve posted some
of the Emails and letters we’ve gotten please feel free to read them.

Hi Sarah – Carmela is doing great – she is probably 85% potty trained, is very good in her crate. S. loves all the children in the neighborhood, 01 people in general. Took her to the vet for a checkup,he said her heart was excellent, her coat and skin and everything about her was exceptional. He said you must be breeding for the love of the dogs not the money as the was one of the finest puppies he has seen. I was so proud. All puppies are cute but a lot of people have told me she is the most beautiful puppy they have ever seen, Thank you again for Carmel, she is a joy. Sandy

Sarah, You were so right…What a sweetheart he is! He sat on our boys laps the whole way home sleeping and chewing on his pigs ear! When we stopped to eat he went potty in the grass. When we got home, we immediately took him to the back yard and he went potty again. We fed him and we were so happy to see him eat. When he thought all of us were out of the room he whined, only to be settled by seeing one of us. My boys are in love!!! All three made a bed on the floor in one of the boys rooms. We put our puppy kennel with his blanket in the middle of them. When we put him in the kennel he whined and scratched at it. They thick their fingers inside and talked to him and my oldest sang to him. HE was quiet within 5 min. It was a big day, but rewarding day. We are all “lucky”
God’s Blessing! Tamra and family

Sadie is one of Minnie Pearls puppies. Go Sadie!
Rosie, and our daughter Alex, will be having their mutual birthdays on the 6th…I can’t believe it’s been one year already for Rosie, and seven for Alex. Rosie has been a fantastic addition to our little family, and she is the absolute hit of Glencoe, our town. Everyone stops to admire her, and she seems to realize that she is the focus of an unusual amount of attention! She’s smart as a whip. She walks eve,here with me and without needing a lead. She comes to heel and will fetch anything you throw. She knows the names of the rooms of the house and will rim to any room you tell her to.


Life with Cosmo has been wonderful. He has been such a good puppy I can’t tell you how much we enjoy him . As you can see he goes to work with us everyday — greets everyone in the moming, sleeps under my desk, and runs up and down the hall at the end of the day fetching his ball. People who have never been in my office now come to see Cosmo


Ilre’re so happy that we made the decision to adopt Reina. As family we really thought long and hard about being ready for this. Reina has been so great with both Denise and Rod. She’s a wonderful adthtion to our lives. I want to thank you for doing such a great job with her while she was yours. I’m sure Adam playing with her so much is one of the reasons she is so great with our kids. I want you to use us for references if you would like. Thanks Raquel

Dear Sarah.

Just wanted to thop you a note sharing with you that the past 8 days with Rusty have been wonderful, I just got back from a 3 day business trip and was able to play with Rusty, Mat a wondeiful way to come back home and forget about work and have fun, He has also gown and is jumping up stairs, He is such a won.. adthtion to our family, Here is one of the pictures of Rtuty from our NiSit on 8/4, Thought you might like to see (See attached file: rusty 001 8 4 06.jpg)

Kindest regards,

Hello Sarah,

Well, it hasn’t even been a week with our new “baby” Teddy. He has completely won over the hearts of everyone he meets. He is so lovable, play.’ and smart.

He had a great checkup today at our vet where he rece,ed a clean bill of health.

Sarah. we can’t thank you enough for caring so deeply about your puppies and ensuring they fmd the perfect, forever homes.

We would highly recoomend you as a breeder to anyone who is considering a cockapoo puppy.

All the best.
Nancy C.
St. Louis, Mo.


Just thought it was time I get in touch again and tell you once more how much the three puppies we have gotten from you have added to our family. Our lives would not be the same without them. They are all healthy, active and we love them. Will send picture soon.

Nancy S.


Bill and I wanted to give you an update on Sammee. He has certainly added a lot to our “golden” years. We are so happy that you got the two of us together. Our grandchildren love having him here to play with when they come over and we feel safer with him in the house. He’s a little guy with a napoleon complex and lets us know when we have visitors.
I just wanted you to know that we love him and he’s happy.and so are we.


Hi Sarah,

Just a short note to let you know all is going well with Charlie. Sorry to bear about you losing all of your pictures. Don’t you just love computers, when they are working that is. I still haven’t figured them out. I’ll send more as soon as I can find time. Charlie is still us active and playful as the day we got him. He can still tire me out on our walks. Take care and if I can help out in anyway let me know Pam

Plymouth, Wissoonsm

HI Sarah!

I am so glad you enjoyed those pictures. LOL @ Brett who!! 😉 We so enjoy our pup!!!! She is really special.

I also have some more Sadie news…..good news! This past weekend we participated in our third UKC Agility Trial and Sadie qualified for 2 legs of her AG I title! She only needs one more qualification and she will have the AG I Title! I am so proud of her. One of my friends videotaped 3 out of her 4 runs and they are on You Tube if you want to watch them. I only wish we had the first run on tape which was perfect! She took first in that run and scored 196.25 out of 200!! So proud. She loves Agility and so do I so we plan to keep going. I would also like to show her in Rally Obedience but for now we are focusing on Agility. There’s another show in March I might take her to. I’ll keep you posted on her stats! Take care. 🙂

Here is the You Tube link….let me know if it does not work for some reason.



Hi Marina
What an exciting time for your family! We have had a fabulous experience working with Homestead Cockapoos. We live in a North Shore suburb of Chicago and we were referred to Homestead from close friends. We have 5 families nearby who all have Homestead Cockapoo puppies. They range in age from 8 months (ours Roxi) to 5 years. All AMAZING dogs! All well trained, healthy and ideal pets. They are all also 1/2 siblings which is so in since the stud was King Arthur for all the local puppies. If you go to visit Homestead you will have a chance to meet all the dogs and see that they have incredibly gentle and calm temperaments. Sarah breeds and raises the puppies in a very safe and kind way. They are not a puppy mill breeder!! They are a open farm where the puppies are socialized with a lot of play, are fed quality food, receive multiple health exams & vaccines and sleep in a climate controlled barn with their mothers and liter mates. They are very willing to crate train the pup before going home also if interested.
Sarah is easy to reach and communicate with before and after the puppies are born. I highly recommend Homestead as
Your breeder if you are considering a cockapoo. I can give you testimonials all day long from our friends. Feel free to reach out again with any questions.
Best if luck with your puppy endeavor.
Stacy Sent from Stacy PritskerRoxi 3


I am happy to tell you about Homestead and my experience with getting my puppy. First of all, I would recommend Sarah and Homestead as high as I possibly could. I researched into different breeders and checked references and all of them pointed to Sarah and Homestead Cockapoos. We live 3 hours away from Sarah but it was worth the trip to go up there and acquire our dog. We had a fantastic experience from the start and found Sarah to be reliable and honest.

Our dog has now just turned 3 and half years old. She has transformed our household. She is fun, well adjusted, playful, and obedient. She is healthy – thank goodness – and our vet made a special point to tell us how excellent the puppy care was that she received from Sarah early on. This is our first puppy and our family could not be happier. Our puppy plays great with little kids and loves people. She is so friendly to everyone that she sees. Thankfully she appears to be in good health.

I have talked to Sarah many times since we got our puppy and especially early on she was always helpful with advice if we needed it. The experience with purchasing our dog was seemless. Everything was as expected. We did not experience any problems. This is an honest person and breeder.

I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone who wants a cockapoo (and I have many times over). Homestead is a quality, quality breeder. Good luck. Feel free to email me back if you have any specific questions about anything regarding Homestead Cockapoos or anything else.

Jeff Bernfield Hula_2