Children make great friends



Renner twins with Mickey & Minnie

Who can look at a picture of children with their puppies and not go “awwwww how cute is that”, not me for sure. But that picture isn’t always so sweet and every parent thinking about getting a dog for the kids should be aware of the “downside” to puppies and young children.

There are some breeders who will not place puppies in families with children under five and there are good reasons for that.

* Time would be one of the big ones. You’re going to need to devout a lot of time to your new puppy. They require several trips outside during early housebreaking, which with young children usually requires getting both them and the puppy out the door.

* The ways that young children act and react with puppies often encourages bad behavior from the puppy. If the puppy is jumping on them or nipping their toes they tend to run away. In the puppies mind this translates into “game on” and they are more than willing to chase and catch…………the child. The way they move their hands and raise their voices when puppy is misbehaving translates in the puppies mind as “this is fun, let’s keep the game going”

* Young children lack the ability to correct bad behavio004r or reinforce good behavior.

* If you have young children and are going to get a puppy be prepared to spend a good deal of time protecting your child from what is normal puppy behavior………………………….. and your puppy from what is normal children’s behavior!
There are some differences between bringing a baby
home from the hospital and bringing a puppy home but, sorry
to say they aren’t all good!

* puppies not wearing diapers!

* puppies much more mobile, he’s on the run from day one!

* on the plus side no worry about who he’s dating or
paying for college!

Puppies---Young-Children~~element34Make sure that everyone in the family participates in the
care of the puppy. This is very important. Puppies,
much like people, bond with those who care for them. Have
the children participate in feeding, walking, and treat
giving. While the puppy is young hand feed him his food for
one of his meals each day and have the children participate
in this. He who feeds me is leader of my pack. Get a soft
brush and have the children gently brush and handle the
puppy all over. If possible have the children go to classes
with the puppy so they learn the proper way to train and

Sampson_hellerMany families with young children adopt puppies and all goes well. On the flip side of that many dogs and puppies are surrendered to rescue and shelters every year. I’m fairly sure that most of the time one of two things has happened. One being that the family has not thought about the time and energy that goes into caring for and training a puppy. The other is that puppies grow up to be dogs and if they haven’t been properly trained and socialized they can become pretty obnoxious and annoying housemates.
Alex_Rosie_SnowyPuppies, just like children, go through stages of development. Puppy, adolescent, young adult. My husband has a favorite saying “no dog is worth owning before he’s two years old” I don’t agree with his sentiment but I understand what he’s saying. In some cases your dog will be two before he is the great canine companion you want him to be. Something to think about before you decide to make the plunge.
Being a mbaxter-and-juliaere mortal myself, and having made more mistakes than I would care to ever list, I realize that sometimes we just make mistakes. Sometimes life deals us a blow or a situation we just can’t deal with. Should you find yourself with one of our puppies and unable to keep it for whatever reason he is welcome back here and we will do our best to find him a loving home. We would not charge a new family if we ever had to re-home a puppy so there would be no refund under those circumstances.