It is hard to know what to say about nutrition today. The rules
are constantly changing whether we are talking about humans
or our canine friends. The food pyramid has changed so many times since I was first introduced to it in grade school. How many years were we told to eat margarine because it was better for us? Well guess what margarine is out, butter is back. Is milk good for us or is it poison? Is what we are eating grown and processed here or in some other country where the same standards and regulations aren’t observed. Should we be eating apples or are they covered with pesticides that we can’t ever wash off. Then there is the age old question about vitamins, are they good for us or a waste of money. Too many of the wrong vitamins can be harmful, so what are the wrong ones? We are bombarded with so much information from so many sources today that trying to decide what is good, what is wasteful and what may even be harmful is enough to leave anyone scratching their head.

We give all of our dogs and puppies NuVet vitamins and recommend that you continue to use them. Please visit our Nutrition page or go directly to to order. You can receive an additional 15% discount by using their autoship. “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”

So if nutrition on the human side is confusing how much good information can we possibly have about what’s good for pet friends. Is the dog food that is advertised as “complete” really that. If you read the labels on some dog foods today you may consider joining your pup for lunch. The have yogurt and blueberries and all kinds of other good ingredients listed. Maybe they are actually eating better than we are and maybe not, who knows? Maybe I’ve become completely jaded but when I read the ingredients I have to wonder how many are in there because my dog needs them and how many are in there to make me feel good because I should be eating them. Does my dog really need or get any kind of benefit from these things and if he does how many are in there. Is it just enough so they can put it on the label. Many dog food manufacturers are now getting their raw ingredients from other countries, how much testing do they do, do they know what they are getting? Unfortunately the answer to that question has to be a resounding no! Recently there have been recalls of pet foods that have killed both dogs and cats. It is one of the reasons I recommend that people choose a dog food brand that hasn’t gone “commercial”. Once they get that big they have little or no control of their raw ingredients.

We have always fed our dAward Flyerogs high quality food and I’ve questioned the need to feed vitamins and supplements. I’ve changed my mind on that and found a vitamin I use and feel comfortable recommending that others use for their pets. It is made by NuVet Labs. They use all natural and human grade ingredients and are made in a human grade lab. We’ve been really happy with what we’ve seen in our dogs and are now starting our puppies on it at 6 weeks of age. It was rated to be the best vitamin by readers of Dog Fancy magazine.
I’m not making this recommendation based only on the results I’ve seen in my own dogs but from information I’ve gotten from other breeders and owners who have seen amazing improvements in the overall health and condition of their dogs using these vitamins. They have seen few hair, allergy, ear and eye problems. We want your puppy to have as healthy and happy a life as possible and would like to see you continue to use these vitamins. I now have the opinion that you should give your pet as many tools as possible to fight off problems. “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” If you want to continue using them you can order them by going to:

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