Available puppies 8/22/2016


IMG_0796 IMG_0804IMG_0774 IMG_0781
One of Reggie & Ellsyas beautiful Midnight Blue (Black) puppies! She would be ready to go home Oct 1st! She is a fantastic at cuddling, always trying to sit in our laps or around our feet! In one of the pictures you can notice she is getting some sun and a visit from one of our dogs named Zoey!

IMG_0955 IMG_0965IMG_0957Here are two beautiful males from Issac and Cindy’s litter! They both are active explorers when we let them outside they checking out their surroundings. On the left we call him Ace and on the right we call him Max. You are more than welcome to come visit either one, just call us to set up an appointment! They will be ready to go to their new homes September 24th!

IMG_1027 IMG_1022 IMG_1015 This is Ace and Max’s little sister Chloe! Her parents are also Issac and Cindy! She would be ready to go home September 24th as well. She was the perfect model for taking pictures! Just a sweetie pie.

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