Available Puppies 9/1/16

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Above is Sandy and Issac’s litter of boys and below is her little girl! They would be able to go home Oct 8th and was born August 9th. Able to come visit in mid september! All three of them are just loving cuddlers! Nice temper and extremely calm puppies!
IMG_1156 IMG_1155

IMG_1170 IMG_1181 IMG_1181Above is Dixie and Issac’s beautiful little boy! He was born July 26th and would be able to go home September 24th! He has amazing water markings on his face, paws and stomach as well to go with his gorgeous coat! Feel free to call to visit this little guy!

Below is Ellsya and Reggie’s available puppies! Gorgeous Midnight Blue (black) puppies!
Each puppy have their own unique white markings! Born August 4th and would be able to go home Oct 1st. Sweet loving active puppies! They are already running around with the tennis ball as well as other toys. Will be a great addition for family with kids!
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