Available puppies Dec 10/16!

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Above: Lilly and Reggies! Born on November 16th and would be ready to go home Jan 14th. We have one male(Left) and one female(Right) available! They are both adorable buffs, with little white goatees as well as white on their paws! The males coat will end up with a beautiful shade we like to describe as coffee with a splash of cream. The females coat however will just look like got some extra cream!

Below: Aurora and Reggies litter! Born December 7th and will be ready to go home Feb 4th. There is a total of three Males and two Females! One is a dark buff while the rest are light buffs! All of the puppies have beautiful white markings in various places. The coats also will either darken or get lighter within the next weeks. Aurora is one of our smartest dogs we have that stay with us! She always is getting into the toys and trying to play!
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