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Archie is a playful and affectionate companion who loves cuddling and stealing your attention. His fluffy coat and charming eyes make him irresistible to everyone he meets. Please contact directly for any questions smile!


Meet Coco, the enchanting black Cockapoo with a heart as fluffy as her curls. Her fur is like a midnight sky sprinkled with stardust, and her eyes twinkle with mischief and affection. With every bounce of her paws and wag of her tail, Coco spreads joy like confetti wherever she goes. She's not just a pup; she's a furry bundle of love and endless cuddles, ready to steal your heart in a heartbeat!


Stella is adventurous girl that loves to enjoy the moment by smelling each flower. Her silky, buff-colored fur and gentle nature make her a perfect addition to any loving household.






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