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Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs
Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs
Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs
Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs
Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs
Breeder of Cockapoo Dogs

A couple of years ago a stray, or abandoned cat, found his way to our farm. He was sick, hungry and very much in need of some TLC. After a couple of hundred dollars in vet bills and some good food he's become a beautiful and welcome addition to our lives. In exchange for the care he needs he's agreed to become a dog and let our puppies torment the heck out of him. When he's had enough he just jumps up out of their way or gives them a good bat.

When the vet asked me what his name was I had to say I didn't know so his file was labeled "No Name Berthold" and still is. We can't agree on a name and he doesn't seem to mind. The puppies adore him and play with him constantly, he tolerates them. So your puppy will be used to a cat, if your cat can stand being tormented!

Homestead Cockapoo References
Homestead Cockapoo References
Cockapoo - Buff Puppy in Flowers

Wonder what the two of them are plotting?

Cockapoo - Maggies First Snow

This is great fun!

Happy Cockapoos

Arthur and two of our puppies trying to get the "upper hand".

We don't know where he came from but we're glad he dropped in and decided to stay. If some cruel person abandoned him they missed out on a wonderful friend and companion.






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